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Be prepared for extreme weather with heating and A/C service

It always seems as though your air conditioning picks the hottest month of the year to give out - and your heating chooses the dead of winter to fail. You can prevent these disasters with maintenance and - if necessary - expert repairs.


Our 2-owner, 4-tech staff at Don's Car Care Center has 60 years of combined experience with the heating and cooling systems of foreign and domestic automobiles.

Experienced repair services:

“Hector and John from Eurostar were great... I'll definitely

be back."

- Americo F.

 •  Leak testing

 •  Compressor inspections

 •  Pressure checks

 •  Refrigerant charges

 •  Inspections

Beat the summer heat:

 •  Full A/C service

 •  Belt and hose replacements

 •  Full heating service

 •  Compressor replacement

 •  Condenser replacement

Mechanic repairing car Fixing compressor